Why Choose Us

A union carpenter with 35+ years of high-end architectural woodworking experience, owner Scott Lind understands the significance of even the smallest details, and his keen eye gives him the ability to catch what others often miss. Years of coordinating and collaborating with other tradesmen on projects in homes and buildings, from vintage to ultra-modern, gives him a unique understanding of how home systems interact. Often a problem or issue with one system may manifest itself in another system, for example, water stains or mildew on a garage ceiling or wall may look like a plumbing leak when it may actually be a result of non-insulated HVAC duct work. Understanding these correlations helps foster a more complete, in depth and investigative inspection.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, Assurity Home Inspections is able to provide efficient, high quality, non-invasive inspections that are more thorough than the low-tech approach used by many others. Using drone technology when applicable, Assurity Home Inspections is able to get a more complete, close-up view of roofs and exterior features that were previously unaccessible or difficult to evaluate due to the conditions or types of roof materials. Thermal imaging often helps us to detect conditions/defects that would otherwise be latent.