Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a home inspection?

A home inspection is an important step in the home buying process. A professionally trained home inspector asseses the fitness of your home. A detailed report of the condition of the home can help a potential buyer evaluate and assist in planning for needed repairs and potential upgrades. Existing homeowners can also benefit from a home inspection by gaining insight on potential unforeseen issues that may require repair, or to help prepare the home for sale before an actual listing. By finding major defects with the home and taking corrective action, a seller may remedy problems that may hold up a real estate transaction. If your new home still has a home warranty through a builder it is smart to have a home inspection before it expires.

My contractor friend will help me look at the house so why do i need an inspection?

While many contractors have specialized expertise in certain areas, they lack the broad base knowledge that is required to be a licensed home inspector. A home inspector is properly trained and licensed, depending on the state requirements. To obtain a home inspector’s license in Illinois, for example, a minimum of 60 hours of pre-licensing education must be completed to become a licensed home inspector. Regardless of prior experience, a home inspector must participate in a minimum of 5 inspection events and obtain a score of 80% or higher on a comprehensive state exam. To maintain the license, 6 documented hours of approved continuing education per year is required. So trust your inspection to a licensed and trained professional.

What is the cost of a home inspection?

The cost of your inspection depends on the size of the home as well as the types of systems and their complexity. By answering some basic questions about the property, the cost of the inspection can be determined and spelled out in the pre-inspection agreement.

How long does a typical inspection take?

Every home is different depending on the number of defects observed as well as the complexity of and types of systems, but the average time is 3 to 4 hours to inspect the entire property. After the inspection is completed a report is carefully generated.

Should I attend the home inspection?

It is not required, but strongly recommend that you be present at your home inspection so that you can ask your inspector any questions and see firsthand any areas needing maintenance or repair.

Can I call you for advice after the inspection?

Yes, feel free to call or text 847-262-4545 anytime.